Body Revolution Adjustable Weight Bench – Folding Weights Bench with 6 Incline and Decline Positions and Padded Support

VERSATILE ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT LIFTING BENCH WITH 6 INCLINE AND DECLINE POSITIONS – The Body Revolution Weights Bench is fully adjustable for a versatile workout that engages different muscles and movement patterns during the barbell chest press and shoulder exercises. With a loading capacity of up to 250kg (approx.), the weight bench is a great addition to any home gym set up.
PADDED DESIGN TO MAXIMISE COMFORT WITHOUT IMPEDING PERFORMANCE – Constructed using internal EVA Foam padding, the bench is subtly cushioned to optimise comfort and performance.
SPACE SAVING FOLDING HOME STORAGE SOLUTION – Designed with the home gym in mind, the weight bench has been designed with a collapsible fold away feature for easy and simply storage and efficient installation.

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