YAYB Super Grip Liquid Chalk – 300ml Larger Size – FREE DELIVERY INCLUDED – Weight Lifting, Rock Climbing, Bouldering, Gymnastics, Bodybuilding, Power lifting, strongman, yoga

THE ULTIMATE LIQUID CHALK – Comes in a larger 300ml extra value bottle offering the highest quality and affordabilty of any others on the market! Whether it be for weight lifting, power lifting, rock climbing, gymnastics, crossfit and many other things involving grip. Our chalk will guarantee sweat free, solid grip allowing you to perform the activity better and get much more out of it!
PERFECT FOR WEIGHT LIFTING, GYMNASTICS, BODYBUILDING AND MANY MORE ACTIVITIES We supply many cross fit gyms, bodybuilding gyms, climbing centres, power lifting gyms, yoga studios and much more!
THE ONLY LIQUID CHALK PROVIDING SAFE AND RELIABLE RESULTS Many other liquid sports chalks on the market use low grade ingredients that can irritate the hands and skin. We use pure magnesium carbonate which is the same as using a quality chalk ball or block without the mess!

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