Gallant Neoprene Hand Weights Excellent Dumbbells Pair Weight Set | 1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg 8kg 10kg | Sold in Pairs – Combined Weight of Each Dumbells | 0.5×2=1kg 1×2=2kg 1.5×2=3kg 2.5×2=5kg Men Women

✅GALLANT NEOPRENE HAND WEIGHTS DUMBBELLS Each weight comes in different weights and colour perfect for strength endurance aerobic crossfit home gym training suitable for beginners and experienced user. Ideal to use at home gym studio class or use them as running weights.
✅NEOPRENE COATED IRON WEIGHTS These hand weights are neoprene coated iron dumbbells offer excellent non slip grip, Which heavily increase grip during long or running session. Coated grip offers good protection keeping the flooring from being damaged. Neoprene coating protect the dumbbell from sweaty hand smell and scratches.
✅ANTI ROLL HEXAGONAL SHAPED DUMBBELLS WEIGHTS Gallant hand weights are safety dumbbell system with Hexagonal design which prevents the dumbbell from rolling when leaving on a flat surface. This is a great advantage if you are switching between weights or exercises and are constantly picking them up and putting them down

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Gallant Weights Dumbbells & Barbell 20 Kg Set Home Gym Training Weights Biceps Fitness Exercise Chrome Bars Vinyl Plates Adjustable Set

Gallant 20kg Dumbbells Weight Set, Includes Vinyl Heavy Duty Dumbbell Bars. Made from High Grade Solid Vinyl, Rubber Grip Handles for comfortable grip. 4 X Spring lock Collars, 4 X 2.5kg, 4 X 1.5kg Weight Plates.
BODY BUILDING WEIGHTS DUMBBELL SET Build muscle using heavier weight. Dumbbells can help you improve cardiovascular fitness, burn calories, free weights, build muscle or increase muscular endurance for sports.
DUMBELLS WORKOUT EXERCISE BURNS CARLORIES This type of weight loss workout not only burns calories, but improves muscle strength, muscular endurance and heart health.

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