LYFT-RX Weightlifting Hook Grip Tape with Premium Adhesive 3PACK | Protects thumbs fingers from tears| Stretch Athletic Lifting Tape | Flexible Thumb Tape for Olympic Weightlifters Functional Fitness

#1 HOOKGRIP PROTECTION – Designed specifically for hook grip and fingers. Prevents cuts, rips, tears, and blisters during barbell work, kettlebells, rope climbs, rings and more. Key uses include Olympic weightlifting, Strongman, Powerlifting, and gymnastics.
ULTIMATE FLEXIBILITY – Uniquely flexible fabric allows your joints to move naturally, improving dexterity and a feel for the bar. The tape molds to the shape of your fingers for extra comfort, functionality and a true custom fit.
PREMIUM ADHESIVE – Only the highest grade adhesive is used. The tape stays on your skin during the most intense and sweatiest workouts, whether indoors or outdoors, humid or cold.

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