BCAA Tablets, 1200mg Branched Chain Amino Acids By Opal Fitness Nutrition – BCAA+ With Added Vitamin B6 to Aid Absorption – UK Produced And GMP Certified – Suitable For Men And Women – 120 Tablets

INCREASE NET GAINS AND BOOST PERFORMANCE: BCAAs are highly effective at preventing muscle breakdown during a cutting or weight loss phase. Studies show that BCAAs are also effective for athletes and bodybuilders during a mass or bulking phase
HIGHLY EFFECTIVE FORMULA: Opal Fitness BCAA+ contains Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine in the optimum 2:1:1 ratio. Leucine stimulates protein synthesis, aiding muscle growth. Isoleucine increases glucose uptake to help more effectively burn energy
EASY TO SWALLOW: 120 tablets with up to 2400mg amino acids per serving and up to 16mg Vitamin B6. Easy to swallow and without leaving aftertaste

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Creatine Monohydrate Tablets by OPAL Fitness | Micronised Creatine Tablets | Scientifically Proven To Increase Muscle Strength, High Intensity Explosive Energy, and Build Lean Muscle Mass

REPLENISH MUSCLE ENERGY LEVELS: Creatine is a natural compound made by the body that is used to replenish muscle energy levels. Supplementation can help increase creatine levels and increase strength and muscular endurance
EASY TO SWALLOW: 360 easy to swallow creatine monohydrate tablets. For best results, we recommend taking five tablets, 1-2 times daily
WHO IS IT FOR?: Designed for all active people from weekday warriors to professional athletes. Whether your sport involves explosive activity such as weightlifting or sprinting or endurance activity such as running or cycling. Creatine supplementation can benefit your training and performance

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