SONGMICS Set of 2 Dumbbells with Vinyl Coating Varied Weights & Colors, All-purpose Gym and Home Workouts Waterproof and Non-Slip with Matte Finish

Comfort Grip – Curved handle fits your palm better; vinyl coating forms a matte finish to prevent slipping and sweating
Free Storage – Compared with other larger fitness equipment, dumbbells take up less space; you can easily tuck them away under your bed
Hexagon Edges Stand Still – The whole interior is made of solid and evenly distributed cast iron; hexagonal-shaped ends stay still on floors to ensure safe use & transportation

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SONGMICS Women’s Set of 2 Dumbbells Vinyl Dumbbells in Various Weights and Colour Variations SYL69BK A 1.0 1.5 2 x 2.0 kg 32 x 15 cm

15 MINUTE EXERCISE: No time to go to the gym? Wake up your body in 15 minutes after sitting quietly in front of the computer the whole day, this coloured dumbbells set is perfect for gym-inspired home fitness
IT FITS EVERYWHERE: Aside from the 6 dumbbells, a compact yet durable storage rack is also included. You won’t need to hide this weight set away in a narrow corner after burning calories – but it’s slim enough to do that, too!
A SECURE HOLD: Contoured handles with a soft rubber encasement help increase your grip, even while you lift up and down for more reps with sweaty hands; they also buffer any impact on your floorboard (or feet)

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