Naked Vegan Protein Powder Super Blend (1kg) Unsweetened | with Vital Minerals | Organic Plant Protein Sources with Omega Seed Blend & Botanical Essentials | Gluten Free | Unflavoured

♥ NAKED… and “Unflavoured” which simply means there are no flavourings added… which doesn’t mean it tastes of “nothing” – its made from plant protein, so it’s always gonna have a planty vibe. But our blend is certainly that bit nicer than pea protein or any other plant protein on its own!
♥ UNSWEETENED: No Sweeteners, Added Sugar, Flavourings, Colours, Preservatives, Dairy, Gluten, Gums, Stevia etc. Just organic vegan protein powder with some milled seeds and a sprinkle of botanical goodness
♥ VERSATILE: Ideal for adding to smoothies & baking or just shake with water or plant milk if you like it really naked.

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